Friday, February 17, 2012

Round Three.

This time I committed. 

I spent nearly all day with 10ft of T11, a 4ft leader loaded up with split shot, and a couple of hare-brained-pun-intended-last-minute articulated streamers that had me up late the night before.  I made sure the rig got deep and I nearly gave up after seeing a couple of big fish rise for some emerging caddis.  I had a couple of big shadowy followers, an unfortunately brained whitefish, and I finally made a connection with a 20+ inch bull.  Alas the hook had been dulled by a recent encounter with a rock and the fish shook loose.

That's when I went back to the nymph rig for a couple of hours to shake the skunk.  And shake she did-- bless ye ole' prince nymph.

Back at the truck at the end of the day I felt like a success-- a few fish to net, some streamer-faith developed, and I covered a good 6 miles of beautiful and brambly trail. Tough to beat.


Juan Ramirez said...

The Prince. Solid.

John Montana said...

I used to get the bulls to eat a big copper John. If you can spot em, you can drift the cj right to em and they eat it.

bob streb said...

Sweet pics. I agree....god bless the whitey, cant believe heate a prince of all things. Keep up the good work.

Brian J. said...

Thanks for the feedback all!

John, I'll have to try out some big CJ's next time I'm there (not sure when that will be...).

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