Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Long Months.

I'm astounded as I look at the calendar and realize it's been almost two months since I've made a post here.  Not only was this hiatus unintentional, but for me it's quite undesirable.  The short version of this story is that I'm a full time consulting engineer with a 5 month old daughter and a wife nearing the completion of her graduate degree.

To be more specific, most of my "free" time is spent looking after this one:

So it's been good-- necessary even.  The time I've spent with this little girl is time I will treasure until my synapses fail and my heart stops beating.  And while I have had a few tying sessions and have taken the camera for a few practice runs, you're more likely to find me sitting on the couch staring  aimlessly at some re-run after finally getting this ball of drooling, shitting, yelling, laughing, crying cuteness to sleep.

But I want the cake and I want to eat it too.  Status quo be damned--I will figure this out!!!  Until then I can only give you some images taken on the first full day of fishing I've had since new years (F.M.L.) looking for winter steel:

The flows were right, the water was perfect for swinging, and after an hour of botching casts I finally felt the tug of a winter steelhead on the a spey rod-- only to reel in and find my hook had been fouled the entire time.  The tougher the lesson, the more likely I am to git learnt.

The rest of the day was spent searching the sweet spots with an indicator rig, getting hailed on, rained on, and sliding my cubicle-softened arse down some seriously awesome mossy terrain--and not connecting with a single fish.  If they were easier to catch... I wouldn't be sad... but that's not how the saying goes is it?  I believe the hardest part of winter steelheading is the mental piece requiring one to dream, hope, and be ready for a fish on every cast while at the same time being completely content with getting skunked.

Let's just say I'm not there yet.

Because, I. just. want. to. catch. a. fish.  I'm in that place where I find myself dreaming of  catching two dozen bluegill on some pond or dapping ambiguous attractors to more care-less small creek trout than I can count-- just to remember what it feels like.  Alas that's not how steelhead are won over-- and definitely not a good way to become proficient with a spey rod. 

In other words:  See you again soon, beautiful, green, seemingly-fishless, north-coast stream.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Brent said...

Beautiful photos. Enjoy the time with your daughter.

That cliche' about how they grow up so fast - it's true.

bob streb said...

All the cliches are true and it just keeps getting better. Miss your pics and posts but trust me (i am a single dad of a 5 yr old) your priorities are straight.

Mr. P. said...

Good for you spending time with your daughter. (Nice pictures too)

Chris said...

Always the struggle for balance between two loves. Glad to see someone putting the right thing first when it matters most, even though it's hard at times. I'm right there with you trying to "make it work."

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