Thursday, February 6, 2014

Truckee River Winter Trip

You know your momentum is waning when you have a decent fishing trip with some good-sized trout landed, and it still takes you a month to blog about it.

Case in point:  On a not so recent trip I took back to reno for a friends wedding I managed to get a day for myself to hit the truckee with my friend Tom.  It was pretty cold and overcast and the fishing was slow to say the least.  But we found some players, and true to my past experience with winter fish on this river, all of them were pretty much in the 18-20" range and hefty.

The highlight of my day was seeing Tom hook and land a really nice fish that even performed some aerial acrobatics-- unfortunately it slipped out of his hands before we got a good photo, but I believe it measured above 20 inch mark and is one of the bigger trout he's caught on a fly rod.

The biggest fish of the day for me was a football of a trout that measured out at 22 inches and made me think of those big spotty Alaska rainbows that I've only seen in magazines.  It made me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.

'til next time.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful fish....I am sitting here in Reno (I am from Albany, Oregon) as I type this and in the morning will be hitting the Truckee River for the first time. I have had a few tips from a couple of nice guys so hopefully I get into at least one nice fish like the ones in your pics.....wish me luck!


Brian J. said...

Rose-- good luck! I'm sure you'll hook into some good ones

Boss said...

Live your stuff Brian! Question. Oregon chinook from the Bank? Any thoughts on this endeavor?

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