Monday, August 18, 2014

A Few Minor Updates.

Let's see it's only been 6 months since my last real update.  Since then a few things have changed.  Probably the most significant being that I relocated to about 530 miles south to the fine city of Reno, became a certified professional engineer, started a new job, have a baby due in about 12 days, and am about to become a first time home-buyer.

In the six months before I left Portland, I had the chance to say goodbye to some of my favorite fisheries including a few winter steelhead trips to some northcoast rivers, a three-day trip to hit the salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes, and a few carp trips including a couple days on the Columbia with some of the craziest carp masters I know.  Combine the fishing trips with the move, the PE test, a pregnant wife, a daughter that's almost two, a full time job, and throw in a trip to New York City and you get the idea.  That's not to complain, but rather to explain why blogging has taken a back seat.

Deschutes river golden stoneflies, May 2014
Travis searching for carp on a windy Columbia River, April 2014

It was hard to say goodbye to a great job and to some amazing fisheries but there is no substitute for family- and Reno is where all but a few reside for both Andrea and I.  That said, I haven't been disappointed having a trout river in my backyard again (per google maps there is fishing access within 4 minutes of both my house and my new job... and that's not counting a couple of carp ponds that are even closer!).

The ability to throw a fly before or after work or even on a lunch break has been downright fantastic.  And I've hooked some good fish too... though not many of the big ones make it all the way to the bank.  Landing a 20+ inch fish on a size #18 is a game of low chance even when you've practiced the skill... and my skills are pretty dusty after a few years of chubby chernobyl's, steelhead nymphs, and carp flies.

Healthy Truckee river rainbow, June 2014

Unfortunately I've also been watching the Truckee river come very near to a disaster during the last couple of weeks and have taken a break from fishing the river until temperatures take a little stress off of the fish. Three years of drought has taken it's toll and I check the flows at various gauges along the river  incessantly as I watch comes scary close to running dry.  Early August was white knuckle out on the east side of town but thankfully some rain has helped avoid fish kill (so far).

Fortunately the downturn in trout fishing has prompted me to pursue one of the most challenging game species I know-- the carp.  My hate love for this fish has been rekindled and after my first trip out, I'm sort of ashamed that I didn't get after these wonderful fish sooner:

Golden side of a Truckee River Common Carp, August 2014
A solid eat.

I have a feeling I'm only scratching the surface of the carp fishery here and I'm excited about the potential of better numbers and bigger fish in the area.  So for now I'm very hopeful about my new life here back in area code 775, but I also hope the awareness and the support for this fishery continue past the hoot owl closure because, as much as I love carp, I still am haunted by the big brown trout swimming in the depths ignoring my flies.


Arizona Wanderings said...

Very cool to hear your back with the extended family.We'll be up in the spring to fish Pyramid. We should hook up. Hope all is well.


Brian J. said...


That would be great, I would love to join your crew out there and snap some photos of the big fish you're sure to land. Hit me up when you guys figure out the timing: [email protected]


Juan Ramirez said...

Glad things have worked out for you and your family. Looking forward to more of your posts! Keep up the good work and keep fishing and posting.

LQN said...

Best of luck, I've always found change to be good although it can be uncomfortable at first. Where there is a will there is a way and i'm sure you will find plenty of fishing opportunities...looking fwd to future posts!

Brian J. said...

Thanks Juan! I hope to keep posting a bit more, and I doubt I'll ever really stop fishing

LQN: Change definitely takes a bit to get used to -- great blog by the way!


--Brian J.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back home. Will we be seeing some of the old "Reno Trout Envy" fly patterns up again? Sure missed them when you moved to Portland. Congrats on the new family addition.


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