The Haddis Catch

The Haddis Catch

Outer Banks Fishing Guide

Fishing in OBX This Weekend?

Vacations to the beach and spending time fishing there almost go hand in hand. Fishing can be relaxing and can invite a sense of calm to an otherwise busy vacation trip. It also allows for bonding time between family members in a way that promotes learning and communicating.

Here in the Outer Banks, fishing is a prime attraction for these reasons. There are many locations where fishing can happen, too. Here are a few things to consider to making the most out of fishing on the Outer Banks.

Know Which Comes in During Certain Times of the Year

Certain fish are only available during certain times of the year in Outer Banks. If you want to catch tuna, then be sure to come when it is in the season. Other popular types of fish to be caught here include black drum, small croakers, spot, pigfish, and silver perch.

Off to the Pier

There are many piers to choose from when fishing in OBX. Some of them include Avalon Fishing Pier between Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head Fishing Pier, Janette’s Pier, and Outer Banks Fishing Pier on the Northern Beaches. Farther to the south sits Hatteras Island Fishing Pier and Avon Pier. As of June 17, 2016, the Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier will be demolished. Each of these piers is popular for different reasons, but they offer some of the best fishing along the entire Atlantic coast.

Some of these piers are better for competition, while others are better for family time. Jeannette’s Pier boasts a lot of family time, so it is a good place for teaching your little ones how to fish. There are also many classes and clinics held at this pier throughout the summer that can be beneficial to those wanting to learn more about how to fish. Locals seem to prefer going to Avalon Pier, though.

These piers are usually open during the peak season, and they offer fishing at different points of time throughout the day. Nags Head and Outer Banks Piers are the only two that are open for 24 hours a day. Another great thing about going to a pier is the ability to rent equipment instead of having to purchase and bring your own.

Other Fishing Location Options

Some fishers who visit the Outer Banks prefer to take out their boats either into the sound or the ocean. Going further out into the water offers the chance of catching a wider variety of fish and even larger sized fish, too. Most people dock their boats in the sound, so reservations for spots in the marina must also be considered during vacation planning. Deciding to vacation and fish in the Outer Banks might very well decide which location to book lodging, too.

On the other hand, some people want to surf fish along the beach, which is also an option at certain points of interest. Here, fly fishing can be rather popular and relaxing. It also offers a chance to spend time with family who would rather visit the beach proper instead of spending all day on a boat or at the pier. It can make for a great chance to make some awesome catches while watching your children play in the water. Meanwhile, they can also pick up some tips about how to fish or even just about fishing safety and what to look for around other fishers.

There are many other things to consider when fishing in the Outer Banks. Options for fishing are diverse, and the locations of where to fish are even more so. Various types of fish can be found at the piers, and larger fish can be found out in boats. The options are practically endless.