The Haddis Catch

The Haddis Catch

Outer Banks Fishing Guide

Fishing in The Deep Water Horizon

Fish is a delicacy, loved and endowed all over the world. Rich in protein, fish, is also a delicacy encouraged on our diets by medical practitioners. The taste of fish is appalling. Besides, there are many ways of preparing fish today. In principle, there are many different types of fish on this planet, some that live in shallow waters, while others in the dark sea waters. These variations in types and sizes call for different methodologies in catching these creatures.

In Outer Banks, fishing is a norm mainly because a majority of its population has fallen in love with fish eating. However, there is a particular category of people who only fish for fun. Recreational fishing in Outer Banks, however, cannot take place without the proper sports fishing license. Being a world renowned tourist destination, the Outer Banks even organizes fishing competitions whereby the competitor who catches the highest number of fish gets rewarded with an elegant prize.

Also, people can fish as they surf, an activity you only find in Outer Banks. Other fishing activities in this area include but are not limited to:-

  • § Pier fishing;
  • § Charter fishing; and
  • § Kayak fishing.

Therefore, the Outer Banks is a coastal area that allows people to combine fishing and adventure.

Outer Banks Offshore Fishing

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is very adventurous in nature. With surf fishing being a high-octane activity, it allows a surfer to catch fish as he is trying to evade big ocean waves. However, fishing of this nature is not as easy as it seems. The reason behind this is because the rod and hook used in surf fishing are long and always in constant motion, thus reducing chances of actually catching anything. However, there are few moments when you as a surfer will be surprised, by having caught a tuna or tilapia.

Pier Fishing

Fishing by the beachside might not always prove to be interesting. Pier fishing thus offers you much adventure, especially when you are in the coastal waters of Outer Banks. An interesting fact about Outer Banks is that it has piers erected all over its boundaries. Thus, it is not easy for you to miss out on a fishing pier, irrespective of your residence. Finding a fishing license is not mandatory when it comes to pier fishing, mainly because each pier comes with its documentation.

Charter Fishing

Charter fishing is high profile in nature since it requires big boats and sophisticated machinery to accomplish. Usually, there is provision for charter boats at a specified fee, and for deep water fishing. Moreover, these vessels are controlled by well-trained personnel thus giving you ample time to have fun and practice fishing. Some of the fish caught during charter fishing include but are not limited to tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, amberjack, and dolphin. Of all the fish mentioned above, wahoo is the most treasured water creature since it is also hard to find.

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is an activity that has come as an invention in Outer Banks only recently. Although a risky business, people love it. At Outer Banks, you are allowed to catch big fish both inshore and during your chartered trips. As a first timer, you are offered a guide to help you navigate the water. However, as soon as you become a kayak fishing expert, you are allowed to kayak on your own.

Thus, Outer Banks is an ideal tourist destination since it has strived to ensure that people get the best out of water sport and fishing. Visiting this great historical and recreational site is the only chance you can get to interact with some of the biggest fish species in the world, and at the same time learn how to catch them.