The Haddis Catch

The Haddis Catch

Outer Banks Fishing Guide

Pier Fishing in the Outer Banks: What You Need to Know

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is currently a hot spot for fishing hobbyists. Aside from being a great area to catch striped bass, bluefish, and the like, the local area’s scenery, culture, and history are some of the other reasons why anglers from all over come here. They all wanted that unique Outer Banks fishing experience.

Fishing in the Outer Banks requires a permit and a North Carolina fishing license. This place offers hobbyists different fishing options. For one, you can book a beach driving trip. Simple rent a 4WD vehicle to take you the best spots in the area. 4WD’s are allowed on the beach all year round, although certain areas may be closed in the summer.

Pier Fishing in the Outer Banks

Aside from beach driving, the other options available to anglers are surf fishing, charter fishing, kayak fishing, and pier fishing. Among all of these, pier fishing comes highly recommended. Here are some of the advantages why pier fishing is the best choice:

1. Piers extend further off the beach.

Unlike beach driving or surf fishing where you can only go so far, piers are built way farther so you can get closer to the stomping grounds of sea mullets and cobias. Getting your prized catch is going to be easier and lesser of a hassle if you fish from a pier.

2. There is always a pier that is always within walking or driving distance from where you are.

Piers in the Outer Banks are strategically located for the convenience of anglers. There’s one that is near your campsite, inn, rental home, or wherever you’re staying at. Just ask the locals to guide you there.

3. It is cheaper.

Compared to 4WD, charter, and kayak fishing, walking to the pier to catch some fish is less expensive. You don’t need to rent any vehicle to begin your adventure.

4. You don’t need a license.

Piers carry their license. You need not go through the trouble of applying for the coastal or Unified Fishing License to get started.

Best Pier Fishing Areas in the Outer Banks

1. Avalon Fishing Pier

The Avalon Fishing Pier is located in central Kill Devil Hills. It is open 24 hours a day during the fishing seasons. Try night fishing when you are out here. The pier also offers a gift shop, a snack bar, and a tackle shop.

2. Avon Pier

This pier is located in the center of Hatteras Island and has the same facilities mentioned above. However, it is in a fairly better location that the others because it is right beside a fancy restaurant and a beach club.

3. Jennette’s Pier

Built in 1939, this pier is one of the first tourist attractions in the Outer Banks. It houses a research center, and it has exhibits on display every so often. This pier is the perfect destination for families with kids who are out on a fishing trip.

4. Hatteras Island Fishing Pier

Located in Rodanthe, this pier offers a game room with pool tables for added entertainment. It also has the nicest ocean views in the entire Outer Banks.

5. Nags Head Pier

This pier opened in the late 1950s. It has a nice restaurant on its premises, and it is also open 24 hours a day in the summer.

6. Outer Banks Fishing Pier

Also referred to as the South Nags Head Pier, this rather small pier features a tackle shop and tiny restaurant. Like most piers, it is open 24 hours a day during the peak fishing season.

Pack your things and head on to the Outer Banks for a great fishing adventure. Get yourself some flounders or Spanish mackerels to boot. The Outer Banks is one of the best fishing destinations in all of North Carolina.