The Haddis Catch

The Haddis Catch

Outer Banks Fishing Guide

OBX Fishing – Catching the Big One

Off the shores of North Carolina lies a set of barrier islands surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Subsequently, they are also surrounded by some of the best fishing in the world. The Outer Banks is full of opportunities to sink a worm, a lure or cut bait to catch whatever you want. From the surf, the piers or the brackish waters to the wide open ocean, this place is an angler’s dream.

Avalon Fishing Pier in Kill Devil Hills is the perfect spot to spend the day. Fish for black drum, pompano and cobias. The pier has plenty of cleaning tables and rod holders. Online access will let you know ahead of time how the weather is, what people are catching, and even tide reports.

At the Avon Pier on Cape Hatteras, you can rent your rods and buy bait and some snacks before trekking out on the pier for a long day of angling. Maybe you want to try and see if you can snag the biggest red drum? You will have to compete with the 94-pound world record-breaker caught here. (Did your heart just beat a little faster?)

Off-shore fishing is great if you are looking to reel in some fighting game fish. Tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo and more will provide a workout as you try to bring them in. In the winter months, don’t let the cold fool you. The fish are still biting. Go try your hand catching stripers. Black sea bass, groupers and tilefish are just some of the seafood varieties waiting to be served up with tartar sauce and hushpuppies. All you have to do is catch them.

Charter boats run year-round in the OBX. Rent for half or full-day excursions. There are plenty of outfitters to choose from. Most provide professional tackle. Some provide snacks and drinks. All of the outfitters are there to help you catch a trophy fish…or some supper – your choice.

Surf fishing at Cape Point is known world-wide so be ready to angle for a good spot during the busier months of September and October. This land juts out into the water, with a sand bar on the side and two major ocean currents to feed it. This makes it fishing perfection.

You can catch bluefish (one of the most frequently caught fish) flounder, puppy drums and croakers in the surf around the Outer Banks. Since it requires nothing more than your bait and tackle and any stretch of beach, this is by far the most popular fishing option in the OBX. Be sure to get in on one of the many surf fishing tournaments (public welcome) for a chance at prizes and bragging rights.

Squids, mussels, clams and small fish are all commonly used for bait in and around the Outer Banks. Every fisherman has his own secret weapon to snap up fish. Bait is plentiful on the piers, in the bait shops and even in the tidal pools all around the islands. Grab your rods and your sunscreen. Bait up, cast out and wait for luck and timing to merge together. You may be having your picture snapped with the next world record fish here in the Outer Banks.