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Outer Banks Fishing Guide


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Outer Banks & Fishing – What You Need To Know

Outer Banks & Fishing

The Outer Banks refers to a grouping of islands off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean, a popular spot for fabulous fishing. Historically, the area is well-known for the infamous Roanoke Island, where colonists vanished without a trace in 1587. The Wright brothers also made their first flight near Kitty Hawk in… (read more)

Fishing In Outer Banks – 4 Places to Start

kayak fishing

Outer Banks is well-known for its fishing areas, long before it was a tourist spot. As often as fishers and tourists visit, the fish population hasn’t decreased, and there a large number of different species of fish to catch. The majority of this depends on where it is you’re fishing in Outer Banks, and luckily… (read more)

OBX Fishing – Catching the Big One

Catching the Big One

Off the shores of North Carolina lies a set of barrier islands surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Subsequently, they are also surrounded by some of the best fishing in the world. The Outer Banks is full of opportunities to sink a worm, a lure or cut bait to catch whatever you want. From the surf,… (read more)

Pier Fishing in the Outer Banks: What You Need to Know

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is currently a hot spot for fishing hobbyists. Aside from being a great area to catch striped bass, bluefish, and the like, the local area’s scenery, culture, and history are some of the other reasons why anglers from all over come here. They all wanted that unique Outer Banks… (read more)

Fishing Tournaments in the Outer Banks

Fishing Tournaments

Competitive anglers love the thrill of pulling in a huge fish. They also love the sweet agony of wondering if their catch is the biggest one of the tournament. Prizes are at stake, as well as bragging rights and fishing stories for a lifetime. This is important stuff and the Outer Banks is the place… (read more)

Fishing in The Deep Water Horizon

Outer Banks Offshore Fishing

Fish is a delicacy, loved and endowed all over the world. Rich in protein, fish, is also a delicacy encouraged on our diets by medical practitioners. The taste of fish is appalling. Besides, there are many ways of preparing fish today. In principle, there are many different types of fish on this planet, some that… (read more)

Fishing in OBX This Weekend?

Fishing in OBX

Vacations to the beach and spending time fishing there almost go hand in hand. Fishing can be relaxing and can invite a sense of calm to an otherwise busy vacation trip. It also allows for bonding time between family members in a way that promotes learning and communicating. Here in the Outer Banks, fishing is… (read more)

Late Season Fishing Summers

Rosy Cheeked Fish

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a new friend out on the lower Deschutes. We’ve talked fishing a bit so I know Justin is familiar with the ways of the swung fly — thus I took it upon myself to open the door to the dark side. Into the corruption of… (read more)

Book Review: 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

First, a big thanks to Stonefly press for giving me the chance to review the book, “50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish” by Terry and Wendy Gunn. This is certainly an ambitious title and I’m sure there are legions of fly fisherman that have an opinion on whether or not the Gunns got their river… (read more)