The Haddis Catch:  the name of this blog actually comes from my wonderful wife, Andrea.  She was doing her damndest to convince me she was actually interested in some fishing tale I was regaling her with.  I suspected she wasn't listening and said "you don't care-- it's okay dear."  She loudly denied my statement and proceeded to tell me she knows all about size #42 nymphs and double hauling and about the epic haddis catches on the truckee river.  Thus a blog name was born.  It's mostly just another fishing blog.

As for me  I currently live in Portland, Oregon after moving here from Reno, Nevada in July of 2009.  I grew up in Winnemucca, NV (winn-a-what?!) and part of the way through getting my engineering degree I started fly fishing in the summer of 2008.  I've been tying and fishing incessantly ever since.  I almost exclusively practicing catch and release-- though I do still enjoy eating an occasional fish (puts things into perspective I think) and I found myself in awe of the beauty of the fish I was catching and ended up taking picture after picture of the creatures.  But what's a guy to do with fish pictures?  He posts them on a blog.  That's what spawned Reno Trout Envy:

The Original

In the end I realized a blog ought to have a more generic name.  This would be in case something crazy happens like, oh say, the author ends up moving to a town not called Reno.  That would mean having to create a whole new blog.

Hope you like this one.

--Brian J.
 ([email protected])